This website

As you probably have imagined, I built this website myself. Actually, I’ve built it several times because I can’t decide how I want it.

Currently the architecture is based on Hugo framework, and the whole thing is hosted on Netlify.

Since the website is static, it’s possible to pay nothing for the hosting. The only expense I’m in charge of is the domain, which I have bought from Cloudflare for a few dollars per year.

The entire source code is open source and avaible on this Github repository.

I also have added some easter eggs that no one will ever notice so if you are curious look for a 404 error for one istance of my broken humor…

Having said that, do you know that I really love pizza, coding and succulent plants? This website is also reachable at 🍕💻🌵.tk (emojis order obviously matters).

Just looking at these projects you know that I also like emojis but normally they change according to the operative system where they are read. So, I’ve applied the Tweemoji (opensource Twitter Emoji) library to be sure to get the same emoji experience all the devices.