~ Web Development ~ Built using Vue

The Inventory App

The Inventory App is a fast, open-source and 100% free way to track the equipment of your role-playing games characters.

screenshot screenshot

The web app is built using Vue as frontend, and Deta Collections for persistent data storage. The NoSQL database has 2 tables (automatically created on the first usage):

Since my goal was to create something simple and free both for users and myself, I decided to not handle a database for user data, for the sake of costs, privacy, and security. Therefore, if you (or your party) want to use the website, you will need to get a Deta API key and put it on your client side.

Security concerns

  1. Anyone you share a collection API key with can see/change/delete the data in that collection.
  2. The API key is saved unencrypted in the local storage of your device. This is never a good idea but seeing the informal and playful target of this app, I’ve done it anyway.


For the usage of the app itself, please rely on the FAQs that are directly on the website.

👉 Check the web app